Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Card Readings

Ever feel a little lost in the world?
Ever find yourself at a crossroads in life?
Sometimes we all feel we need some guidance.

Psychic guidance may point the way for you in uncertain times.

Join me, Katie Golby, for a private reading, where we can
use my gift. Your pathways can be uncovered
and future opportunities revealed.

You can undertake an angel therapy session now with me, where you can receive messages the angels wish you to know, as well as learning how to communicate with the angels yourself whenever you wish. For details head to  http://www.psychicmamma.co.uk/new/angel-therapy

I am also now a qualified Reiki practitioner and a member of the Reiki Federation. I can utilise the non evasive, hands on healing method in order to ease any stresses, pains or ailments you may be suffering from. Doing do can give you complete physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Details are on the Prices section of the website.


Love and light
Katie xxx

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Further details of my work are to be found at my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/psychicmamma

 My debut novel, Chasing Rainbows, is available to buy now in both paperback and ebook from Amazon!

For details go to http://www.psychicmamma.co.uk/chasing-rainbows/








Please check out this wonderful website where there is an amazing opportunity to get your very own angel portrait done by the incredibly talented Jenny Smedley: www.jennysmedley.co.uk


Please note that, due to legal reasons, you have to be 18 years of age and over to purchase a reading